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Here’s how it works: 

  • You explain to me where you’re planning to apply (and we can discuss options).

  • We have an initial extensive conversation about your background, your goals, and your quest so I can truly understand your trajectory, your priorities, and what moves you.  I also want to get a good sense of how you “sound.”

  • We discuss how you can structure your essay(s).

  • You write a draft.

  • You send it to me or share it with me.  I use Google Drive—if you are unfamiliar with Drive, I can explain it to you (it’s easy…).

  • We ping-pong back and forth with modifications and comments.

  • We find times (depending on the case and type of application) to connect to work together.

  • When we’ve finally zapped all the comments and done a final read-through, you submit your application.

Here’s what’s included:

Graduate School Applications (Master and Doctoral programs):

  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement

  • All other application essays and/or questions (any and all)

  • CV

  • Selection of writing samples, if relevant (and copy-editing, if desired)

  • Selection of recommenders

  • Interview prep

Undergraduate Applications:

  • Common App essay

  • Supplemental essays

  • Review of entire Common App

  • Essays for universities that don’t use Common App

  • Activities

  • Honors

  • Additional Information, if relevant

  • CV, if relevant

  • Selection of recommenders

  • Interview prep


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